Terms of delivery and payment of the Stewag Stanzformen AG

  1. Offers

    Offers are valid for 3 months. Offers created based on imprecise templates are estimations and shall be declared as such.

  2. Prices

    The offered or confirmed prices are alwas net prices. They may be subject to any material price supplements occurring before the completion of the order. Prices are subject to change based on amendments through the author after awarding the approval for production.

  3. Payment condition

    Subject to stipulations to the contrary in writing, payment of the full invoice amount is due 30 days from the invoice date without discount.

  4. Delivery condition

    The delivery of the goods is ex work, excluding VAT.

  5. Liability

    Exceeding of the delivery date due to reasons beyond the control of Stewag Stanzformen AG, e.g. because of force majeure as well as strikes and operational disruptions, do not entitle the purchaser to rescind the contract nor to claim damages and interest payments.

  6. Quality guarantee

    The supplier guarantees that the delivered goods comply with the characteristics and deliverables assured in writing as well as with the specifications agreed in writing. The customary tolerances for specifications, dimensions, execution and materials are expressly reserved. The supplier must be notified of complaints regarding quality and execution in writing within 8 days of delivery of the goods.

  7. Notice of defects

    In case of justified complaints, the defectiveness of a product shall be rectified through subsequent improvement or the substitute delivery of impeccable goods up to the original order value. Liabilities for consequential damages are excluded.

  8. Confidentiality

    Templates, instructions and programs provided by the purchaser shall be handled confidentially by the supplier.

  9. Sampled redevelopments

    Sampled redevelopments remain intellectual property of the supplier and shall not be divulged.

  10. Programs

    Programs shall not be divulged to third parties. The obligation for retention expires 5 years after the date of the last order.

  11. Juristiction

    The lawful courts of the supplier?s locations shall be responsible for the settlement of disagreements in as far as no other arrangement has been made in writing. Swiss law shall apply to the exclusion of the Vienna Purchasing Convention.
    (Legally binding is the German version of the terms and conditions.)